A word of caution. If you want to learn the English language, better change the channel when this familiar imagery of politicians hand wringing at each other pops up.

These people have bastardized the English language beyond recognition! For that reason alone, any sane person with an above average IQ should probably just read the excerpts lest they get infected by the ‘English patoi’ infection. Okay jokes aside, let’s move on to the crux of the issue.

Mauritius is a fairly new republic, so it’s not surprising that many people lack political knowledge, ideological knowledge and so forth. Our political spectrum is very straightforward - party loyalty is everything. It doesn’t matter that they’re both two sides of the same coin, in fact, it doesn’t even matter that many of the politicians go back and forth whenever it’s politically expedient to do so because in the end their followers adhere only to the brand. It’s just like football in a way - Team MSM yay!

Moving on, the parliamentary debate is excruciating to watch if you’re a decent person with some social decorum. They make a high school classroom look like the UN! The Speaker, who is the very well-spoken Maya Hanoomanjee (sarcasm) should probably trademark the phrase ‘I order you out’ by now because that’s what her role amounts to in the end-shutting down debate with a non sequitur.

Finally, Mauritius not only has the potential to transcend all expectations set for Sub Saharan African countries, it also possesses the human capital to do so but it’s hamstrung by nepotists and power player wannabes who don’t possess the intellect to direct all these resources to the right causes (cue the preposterous bid for a Metro Leger).

The sub-par political discourse, the lack of free speech regulations and the utter apathy of a passive population will hinder progress, for sure.

Source: RedPillOdyssey


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