New recommendations for the prescription of antibiotics have been introduced on January 1 in Mauritius.

The new set of recommendations aims at limiting and curbing abuse. It is a well-known fact that the overuse of antibiotics will eventually lead to their inefficacy because the microorganisms they are meant to combat inside the human body will develop resistance against the medication; the bacteria become more dangerous while rendering the antibiotics useless. Therefore, to prevent this sad state of situation, the prescription of antibiotics will be governed by more strict parameters.

Medical practitioners will now have to justify their prescriptions. The Ministry of Health’s General Guidelines for antibiotic prescription dictate that antibiotics are only prescribed if their positive effect is ascertained; one should not take them if there is no absolute need. Furthermore, viral infections will not be fought using antibiotics.

Narrow-spectrum antibiotics is also preferable to using broad-spectrum ones.

However, if patients are experiencing complications, the use of antibiotics can be advised.

Patients also are warned against asking for antibiotics unnecessarily. Moreover, they are recommended to follow their treatment plans to the letter.


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