Act in haste, and in the case of the idiots at Air Mauritius and the government, they just do not have the intelligence or honesty to repent, not even at leisure.

Whether you approve of the pilots' actions or not, whatever prejudices you might hold against their huge salaries and perks, the fact remains: YOU CANNOT SACK SOMEONE FOR BEING SICK!!! It is simply not done. And I am sure that the attendance record of the 3 who have been sacked has never given cause for concern before.

Today, one of them is being kicked out of the country. The obvious ramifications:

1/ There will be a huge case for compensation by the 3 who have been sacked. And Air Mauritius, i.e. the taxpayer, will have to fork out huge amounts of money as compensation....after the billions we have already paid back for their 'hedging' stupidities.

2/ If a huge company like RyanAir with over 200 destinations is facing severe difficulties now, and tens of thousands of flights have been cancelled, it is because there was a huge backlog on the leave allowance for pilots. What did Michael O'Leary the owner do? Sack the pilots? No! He is doing everything possible to find some common ground between the company and its staff.

3/ RyanAir has always been a hugely profitable company because of its excellent management.

4/ Air Mauritius has had crap management throughout its history, primarily because corrupt politicians in power have always placed their corrupt, greedy little bastards on its board, and everywhere else at the airport. It is hugely overmanned, esp at the so called 'management' level. Hence the huge losses in almost every year.

5/ The backlash to these irresponsible, vindictive, and rather nasty sackings has already started. " Assistance aux pilotes pris au dépourvu loin de la base mère, interdiction d’avoir recours à la location d’équipage, gel des capacités, interdiction de recruter ou encore interdiction de contracter des pilotes. Autant de mesures auxquelles Air Mauritius (MK) pourrait éventuellement faire face."

6/ If as a government you will have to pay over Rs 5 billions in compensation for your rash, stupid, amateurish, and insane decision to demolish Betamax; if you will have to pay $ 1 billion in compensation to Dawood Rawat for the wilful theft and destruction of his companies and assets, and you still flash that inane smile that seems permanently fixed to your ugly features....then you belong to a special breed of people whose immorality, greed, and vindictiveness is exceeded only by a special brand of stupidity that remains unrivalled in the dark annals of our politics.

7/ Finally, when you have someone like Bissoon Mungroo, a convicted fraudster, as a member of the board at Air Mauritius, you know your company is fucked...

As the song goes, "There may be trouble ahead..." Let us hope they will be made to face the music soon. This farce has gone on for much too long.

Paul Lismore


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