As usual, la cuisine is fighting back with devilish intent and will do everything to abuse, disgrace, and crucify the messenger in the hope that Lepep Kouyon will forget about the real issue. The mud slinging has started, and everything will be done to demonise the woman who complained about the PPS in the Shrimp Dick scandal.
Kalyan Tarolah

Let me remind you sanctimonious people, you who claim to be leading clean, saintly lives, who never watch porn, and have sex only when there is an 'S' in the month: A woman can do what the f*** she wants in the privacy of her own bedroom, and if she wants to send pics of herself to another consenting adult, that is her business. There is a world of difference between this and a Parliamentary Private Secretary sending pics of his privates from the supposedly hallowed chambers of our National Assembly. And if you can't understand this basic point, then you really need to go on an intensive course on sexual education for adults, and stop behaving like prurient school kids who are too keen to admonish others for doing what you yourselves probably do in private.

This is what ICTA, Para 46 (h)(i)(ii) says:

Any person who.... uses an information and communication service....(i) for the transmission and reception of a message which is grossly offensive, or of an indecent, obscene, or menacing character; or (ii) for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, or needless anxiety to any person. Para 47(1) Any person who commits an offence under this Act shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding Rs 1 million and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years.

Today, something called *** Fm (so loyal to Ramgoo when he was PM and now showing canine loyalty and pathetic fealty to the Jugs) published a compilation video expertly manipulated by the Virer Mam people to make it as humiliating as possible for the woman. The tactics that have worked so well for the Attorney General in rubbishing the whistle blowers are again at their malevolent worst, and the evil machinery has been set in motion to humiliate the woman.

And you should see the comments online, especially from the saintly men and women who are apparently in huge numbers on this island, or as I call them the 'missionary position' wonders! Wow! I never knew we had so many clean living people here, who have apparently never committed any error out of misplaced emotion and a desire to please....These people must be washing themselves in Javel every day, because they really believe they are so clean and so germ free...

Remember, there is a world of difference between a representative of the people asking for sexual favours entirely because of his position, pretending to offer a job because he is close to a leading member of la cuisine, threatening the victim to keep quiet or her mother will lose her job, and that his party is too strong and will annihilate her if she says anything... and a woman doing her thing in the privacy of her bedroom and with the full consent of the adult she is corresponding with.

Her sex life, what she does with herself, etc is none of your concern, you peeping Tom b*****s! What ought to matter to you, if only you could control your misogyny and your fake, synthetic, saintly, chaste grandeur, is the behaviour of a senior politician.

Unless if you think that it is okay for a male politician to offer jobs to women as long as they drop their knickers... but then, many of you do think that, don't you? And I suspect many of the females making the most noise about this woman's video are quite partial to wearing yoyo knickers themselves... Hypocrites!

Paul Lismore


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