Today I would like to make an appeal for justice for my dog... for someone that I care like my own child... I would like to share with you the injustice done with my dog.

My dog is 10 months old and a registered one. As we all know, they are very innocent and caring creatures.

Naughty by nature, he went to a neighbour's house and threw their dustbin. One cannot always chain a dog and keep it. They do have the freedom to live unchained as we also would not like to be chained all day.

Those heartless people took the time to boil water and threw it on my poor baby. These pictures have been taken today at the Veterinarian's place.

It's shocking how people could be so merciless, ruthless and callous with such gifts of nature.

If they were humans they could explain themselves but they are animals and they do not understand these things. There is a certain way to behave with animals and treat them.

Please have a look at his plight, at his suffering. All the torture done to him only because he threw a bloody dustbin.

I would really want to know what the public think - if they agree with this kind of treatment of dogs, especially those people who consider dogs as a member of their family.

Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole... Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen.


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