Oksana Neveselaya became a web hit after a 15-second clip of her teaching was posted on YouTube by a student.

Maths is a tough subject for most people – but this tutor seems to make it a bit easier as she was labelled the 'world's hottest teacher'.

Oksana Neveselaya has become a web sensation for her sexy selfies after a class of her teaching maths was posted on YouTube by a student.

The 15-second video quickly went viral and beautiful Oksana has since amassed thousands of followers on social media.

The YouTube clip attracted more than 30,000 views in just four days as Belarus-based Oksana caught the attention of online users.

Her Facebook account says she wants to “show that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand”.

She is currently travelling around Malaysia on holiday and has visited Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Genting Highlands and Batu Caves, according to her Instagram posts.

Oksana, who graduated from the University of Kiev, has been labelled the world's sexiest teacher, showing she has both brains and beauty.

Her social media followers certainly seem to agree, with many describing her a "beautiful" and "gorgeous" – and one man even declaring: "I'm in love."

Her Instagram account now has an impressive 178,000 followers.


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