Dmytry Evseev recently escalated Mount Pieter Both - one of the hardest mountains to climb in Mauritius - with a GoPro camera attached to his front. The result is spectacular: You can see as far as Coin de Mire and Le Morne from the top. That's literally the whole island from North to South!

The world belongs to a new breed of explorers. Climb Pieter Both and feel the adrenaline kicking in while Dmitry from Pryde Club Mauritius shows us how it's done. Climb and run narrow gaps,grip rocks as you go with cliffs on both side. No wonder Pieter Both at 840m is the hardest mountain to climb in Mauritius. Once up, the reward of conquering Mauritius hardest and toughest mountain, enjoy a 360 degree of Mauritius, seeing as far as Coin de Mire and Le Morne(which is literally the whole island From North to South) Please do not attempt to this. S.U.M.M.E.R in Mauritius It's the journey & experience Mauritius, Best holiday destination #mauritiusexplored


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