Unknown to many who were watching the Miss Universe 2016 National Costume event Thursday, a minor mishap occurred backstage that resulted in the injury of one contestant. Miss Mauritius Kushboo Ramnawaj fell backstage and busted her lip.

Miss Mauritius was waiting for her turn backstage when someone accidentally stepped on her cape. She fell hard and hit her face on the floor, busting her lip. Blood was oozing from her face down to her neck. She was immediately given assistance and was told not to go on stage anymore as she was having difficulty regaining her bearing. However, Miss Mauritius would not hear any of it.

Kushboo Ramnawaj wanted to show off her national costume, which was made by Filipino designer Kirsten Regalado. Parts of the costume were even painstakingly made by Pinoy kids from La Consolacion College in Bacolod City.

Organizers finally relented and allowed Miss Mauritius to walk on stage in her national costume after Miss Netherlands. Despite the pain, Miss Mauritius walked on stage to show her ensemble briefly to the judges and the crowd. When it was announced that Filipinos made her costume, the crowd roared.

Watch Miss Mauritius in the video below. She walks on stage at the 38:13 mark.


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