L'Express' chief editor Nad Sivaramen has tarnished the image of all Mauritians by speaking in their names to the BBC about John McAreavey's return to Mauritius.

John McAreavey is back in Mauritius in search of the truth about his wife Michaela's murder six years ago.

Nad Sivaramen had this to say to the BBC:

I think people will be shocked because we gathered that he has started a new life and that he would move on and forget about this tragedy. So I think people will be surprised to see him and to see that his quest for the truth is still there.

This has prompted a string of negative comments on the BBC's Facebook page. One user said:

Move on??? ..how dare he speak about John moving on ...there country shocked at him returing....??all there afraid it will stop people going there ...and i pray to god the families get peace of mind ..god bless x

Another user said:

Forget and move he says, what kind of man is this, people don't just forget about their new bride murdered whilst on honeymoon.

Yet another had this to say:

Shocked that they "Would hope he would move on"!!!! Obviously that's what the people there want. I'm sure him and the Harte family, even if the killer is found, will never move on.

And the list of negative comments goes on and on...

Mo Ti News would like to let the good people of Northern Ireland know that Mauritians are totally supportive of John's initiative and Nad Sivaramen's stance on the matter does in no way reflect the views of the Mauritian people.

John McAreavey, whose wife Michaela was murdered on honeymoon in Mauritius six years ago, has arrived back on the island. He is hoping his visit will help persuade anyone with information about the killing to come forward. From Mauritius, Mark Simpson reports.

Posted by BBC Newsline on Saturday, April 1, 2017


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