Hussein Abdool Rahim a joué sa carte maîtresse, hier mardi 12 septembre. Le parieur professionnel, dénonciateur du “scandale Yerrigadoo”, a juré un affidavit de 124 paragraphes et 33 annexes. Voici les points saillants de ce document.
Hussein Abdool Rahim

I am making this disclosure by virtue of section 49 (1) (b) of the Prevention of Corruption Act whereby at the time I make the disclosure, I believe that on solid, factual, and reasonable grounds that the information I disclose is true and is of such a nature as to warrant an investigation under this act and I shall hence incur no civil or criminal liability.

I aver that I have been solicited by Sylvio Sundunum and through him, I had several meetings with Hon. Ravi Yerrigadoo and Dick Kwan Tat to set up a financial structure through the setting up of overseas bank account, namely in Dubai and Switzerland, in order to transfer and legitimise funds.

On the 16th of February 2017, at 9h14, I sent a detailed statement of my MCB account through 7 photos sent by WhatsApp as evidenced by WhatsApp screenshot (Annex 5 and 6 above).

After that meeting of 16th February 2017, to expose further the facts of paragraph 15, I sent via WhatsApp 8 screenshots of transfers from Bet365 to my MCB Visa Debit Card 7822 as evidenced by screenshots and pictures (Annex 8 above).

I aver that Dick Kwan Tat asked me for Rs 2 000 to “bribe an usher so that he transfers the proof of payment of guarantee for variation order immediately to the Passport and Immigration Office”. I aver that I received my passport from the PIO on the very same day; and that on the very same day I travelled to Dubai with Sylvio Sundunum and Dick Kwan Tat as evidenced by Annex 17. 

I aver that at the very moment after taking photos of the passport, Ravi Yerrigadoo asked me for the photos via WhatsApp. “I need scan of first page with your photo”, adding “please send me a clearer photo with just first page with your photo, with no glaze lights” (…) “we need to send with formalities” as evidenced in Annex 18 & 19 above.

My role would be to act as betting advisor and operator on this account and fructify the balance.

I verily believe, based on Dick Kwan Tat’s affirmations, that decision to fly to Switzerland was based on Ravi Yerrigadoo’s instructions.

From France we took the train to Geneva through Lyon as evidenced by the train ticket (Annex 28 above).

I aver that according to Dick Kwan Tat, the decision to avoid the immigration controls by opting for the train instead of the plane was an instruction of Hon. Ravi Yerrigadoo.

I aver that we also met with Nabil Jean Sab, the CEO who welcomed us in the following words: “Ravi already talked to me, let’s start.”

I aver that Nabil Jean Sab came to us and said in French: “There is a problem. We cannot open your account. You are on illegal stay on Switzerland ou territory as your passport stipulates that you are only allowed to travel to UK, France and Dubai. ”

I aver that Nabil Jean Sab subsequently added in French: “I’ve always been telling Ravi not to take such risks. Our bank could have gone in real big trouble had we opened this account. Even talking on the phone is risky. I’ve been telling this to Ravi, numerous times.”

I aver that from that moment, Sylvio started threatening me (Annex 33 above). 

I aver that on 24th of March 2017, Ravi Yerrigadoo sent me a WhatsApp message to ask me to meet him in Abu Dhabi, as evidenced in screenshot (Annex 29 above). 

I aver that request for variation order to travel between 15th of April and 15th of May was obtained with this time Switzerland included (Annex 31 above). 


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