A 19-year-old protester was arrested at a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas. The young man allegedly told authorities he tried to grab an officer’s gun so he could kill the candidate, according to federal authorities.


While Secret Service has made sure that no one with firearms is permitted in Trump rallies, there is an exemption for police officers. “Many of those local law enforcement officers are not particularly well trained when it comes to firearms use, tactics or retention,” tactical defense instructor, Seng Hern-Heng from Three Temples Martial Arts tells us.


In this case, however, the officers on site were able to prevent the theft of the firearm.A complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Nevada alleges that Michael Steven Sandford attempted to commit an act of violence on restricted grounds.He appeared in court on Monday afternoon in Nevada.Law enforcement sources say that Sandford went to a Trump rally on Saturday at the Treasure Island Casino and then advanced towards a Las Vegas police officer to say he wanted to get closer because he wanted an autograph from Trump.The report then adds that Sandford took hold of the the handle of an officer’s gun in an attempt to remove it, but before he was able to, he was arrested by officers at the scene.


The Associated Press notes that it isn’t clear whether or not he has an attorney yet.“Sandford had a United Kingdom driver’s license with him at the time, according to the complaint. He told a special agent that he was in the U.S. for about a year and a half and lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, then drove to the San Bernardino, California area in his car before coming to Las Vegas on June 16,” they reported.“Sandford told officers he had been planning an assassination for about a year and was convinced he would die in the attempt. He said he also reserved a ticket for a Trump rally in Phoenix, scheduled for later in the day, as a backup.



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