If you have a girl friend who's over 30 years old, share this with her. You might want to do it anonymously though. Just in case she's the susceptible type!

1. Your Health

Your Health

Aging causes your body to go downhill faster than ever, especially if you're not active! You'll look better with each year if you have a healthy diet and exercise on the regular. If not, you'll age like spoiled milk!

2. Your Job

Your Job

Feel like you're underpaid and under appreciated at your job? Well you're now at the age where you HAVE to speak up! Get the money you deserve, or make that crucial decision to leave for a better opportunity.

3. Sorry, Not Sorry

Sorry, Not Sorry

With confidence comes the ability to NEVER apologize for who you are (as long as you're not hurting anyone). You are who you are, and they either love you or hate you.

4. Bye Bye Boys

Bye Bye Boys

STOP with dating the douche bags, liars, cheaters, non-ambitious guys...it's just time.

5. Sex Intimidation

Sex Intimidation

You may still get nervous the first time you have sex with someone, but that should be the ONLY time you're worried about your looks. You know what you're working with, so use what you've been given!

6. Comparisons


STOP comparing yourself to others...everyones path is different. It may seem simple to do, but it takes work.

7. Stop Being Cheap Girl

Stop Being Cheap Girl

Cheap makeup and beauty products are no longer acceptable...because you're not going for the cheap hooker look. There are just certain expenses you CAN'T get discounted, because everyone will notice.


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