These lazy beauty hacks will save you a lot of time!

1. Cat Eye Techique

Cat Eye Techique

Want an easy method for creating the perfect cat eye? Use a credit card as a fool proof eyeliner guide!

2. Light Contouring

Light Contouring

Draw a simple number “3” on both sides of your face, and blend, blend. . . blend.

3. Plumbing-Up Lips

Plumbing-Up Lips

Get a plumper lip look by smoothing a little peppermint oil onto your lip gloss! Reapply throughout the day as the effect is temporary.

4. Lip-Line Shine

Lip-Line Shine

Under your lipstick, dab a little clear lip balm on the top of your lip-line to make your lips really pop.

5. Eyelash Curler & Liner

Eyelash Curler & Liner

Make you eye makeup application go faster, use your lash curler to get the look of eyeliner by tracing the curler with eyeliner pencil.


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