Rose-Hill Transport Limited unveiled their new double-decker bus at Bagatelle this evening. Here are 10 things you might not know about it.

1. The bus will hit our roads as from Friday 9th of September instead of Thursday, as previously announced.

2. The last time a double-decker bus was used as public transport in Mauritius was in 1962 or 54 years ago.

3. Hence, the license plate of the bus: DD 1954

4. The bus will serve line 174, i.e. Rose-Hill to Port-Louis via Ebene and Bagatelle.

5. The bus fare will be Rs 6 higher than normal buses - Rs 37 for getting to Port-Louis from Rose-Hill. That is the same price that is currently being charged in buses equipped with AC.

6. The bus is made in China.

7. It can carry 88 passengers - 76 seated and 12 standing.

8. It is equipped with individual seat-belts, AC, and USB docks for charging your smartphone.

9. You will get free WiFi on the bus.

10. You can pay your bus fare with a pre-paid card called Filao which will be on sale around the country soon.

Video by Defimedia


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