The traditional music of Mauritius is known as sega, though reggae, zouk, soukous and other genres like Mauritian bhojpuri songs and kawals are also popular. Here's the Top 70 Mauritian songs of all time in no particular order.


1. Chant l'Amour - Kaya

Check out the joke about this song while you're at it.

2. Dilo pou arreter 9 hr - Grup Latanier

3. Li Tourner - Alain Ramanisum

4. Reve Penitensié - Blakkayo

5. Peros Vert - Ton Vié

6. Premier l'Amour - Les Vautours

7. Ici Kot Nou Ete - Cassiya

8. Tousse Sali - Mr Love

9. Ravanne Apé Batté - Sylvain Kaleecharan & Zotsa

10. Vanité - Natty Jah

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