An orangutan at a zoo in Thailand wasn't too impressed with her sleeping quarters - so she decided to do something about it.
Nemo making her bed

Nemo, who is 14-years-old, was captured on video using a blanket to create a hammock in which she could sleep.

She expertly ties the ends of the blanket around the bars of her enclosure, leaving just enough slack to create a comfortable hammock.

In the wild, orangutans sleep among the tree tops and make their nests using foliage folded carefully together.

Nest building has an important social function among orangutans, as knowledge of how to construct them is passed down from mother to baby.

It takes an orangutan until the age of three to be able to construct its own nest, and is a sign that it's ready to leave their mothers.

Sadly, destruction of the apes' habitat has seen their numbers dwindle in the wild, although there are efforts to conserve the population and re-introduce orangutans back into the wild.

Captive orangutans like Nemo are well-known for their creative use of objects within their enclosures.


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