Cyclone Carlos is fast approaching Mauritius. A cyclone warning class one has been issued for Mauritius at 16:00 today, 4th February 2017.

The tropical depression which was evolving in the northern vicinity of Mauritius has intensified into a moderate tropical storm this afternoon and has been named CARLOS by the Meteorological Services of Mauritius. Follow the latest updated information concerning Cyclone Carlos below:

Update For: 4 February 2017 – 16:00 GMT+4
Mauritius Alert: ONE
Rodrigues Alert: NONE
Distance: 410 km North of Mauritius
Location: 16.5 S – 56.6 E
Direction Moving: 10 km/h South South East
Atmospheric Pressure Near Center of Cyclone: – To be updated soon
Max Winds: – To be updated soon
Note: On this trajectory moderate tropical storm ‘CARLOS” is approaching Mauritius and is a potential threat.


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