Les faits ont eu lieu le vendredi 12 avril au collège Swami Sivananda SSS, à Bambous. Vers 14 heures, des étudiantes en Grade 9 (Form 3) ont violemment mis au sol une enseignante et ont tenté de la déshabiller sous le regard impuissant des autres élèves de Grade 7 (Form 1).


L’enseignante en question a écrit une lettre au ministère de l’Education, qui se lit comme suit :

I, -------------------------------------- bearing ID No --------------------------------------, facilitator of Grade 7 Extended at Swami Sivananda SSS of Bambous, hereby informing you of a violent incident where I have been assaulted while teaching in my classroom by 5 students of the above said school on Friday 12.04.2019. To note that it happened on the last day of school before the Easter holidays around 14:00 in the last period of the day which clearly indicate a criminally planned act before the end of school hours and school days. Like they thought this will help them as a way of escape.

On the 9th period which is the last of the periods, around 14:00 while I was teaching the subject “life skills” in the classroom in Grade 7 Orange, suddenly five students came nearby my class. They were banging the door harshly and tried to enter the class by force. That noise was reverberating and it was very surprising that despite such alarming noises, no one came for help.

I asked the students to stop this but they replied: “pou ou sa la porte la!” with anger followed by “nou en droit taper Ki to ete toi? L’ecole la pou toi sa?”. In such situation I was so afraid and so were my pupils of Grade 7 Orange. I tried to go to my desk to keep a distance from them since they were very aggressive and meanwhile they entered forcefully in my class without my permission andtwo of them punched me on my back and start insulting me with the following: “ ta vier fam alim sa ventilater la, mo p gagn so, alimer taa villain fam!”. One of them said “ta villain malbar to pou kpav mem” another one corrected her by saying “lascar sa” then she said “ta villain lascar to pou kpav mem, huhh li pna longer sa, so talon pli haute ki li mem, 1 ti bouldog sa” and they all started shouting “bouldog bouldog, bouldog”.

Student Isadora Charles of Form 3 PVE who is the gang leader, ordered the others with the following “2 trap so 2 la main, 2 trap so 2 lipied, mo pour risse so collant, mo pou tir so culotte mo pou geter, mo envi geter. Eh vou zot tir zot portable filmer li”.

Student Nemorin of Form 3 PVE pointed her smart phone with integrated camera in my direction, I was so frightened that they would have taken out my clothes, so I slowly came near my pupils who were also very afraid and who whispered to me “Miss al get recteur et Madame Cangy”.

On hearing that, student Charles said “Ki kouchou kouchou, recteur et Cangy ki mon tender la, pa pou ariv nanier, recteur et Cangy pa pou dir nanier et pa pou fer nou nanier, zot pou gagner la”.

After that she asked to her mates: “alle chercher kichoz pou tap li” and soon after they went outside in the corridor in seconds, I went to the door to close it, so that they do not come in again but in vain,as student Mushkan Ramdoyal (Grade 7 Red) strike a stone of size around 6.5cm x 6cm x 3cmon my stomach to which I have been severely injured (where I had to seek medical care for both this and the punches). * Copy of Medical Certificate attached.

Mushkan Ramdoyal

Mrs Aruna Rughoobar (Educator) at that moment opened her class’s door which was adjacent left of my class, witnessed the striking of stone and shouted to those girls “Ki zot p faire ici, ki zot p fer la, aler al dan zot class” and student Isadora Charles replied: “nou pa p fer nanier nou” and at that very moment another student (F3 PVE) took a long handled dustpan with a broom and put it in front of my face and threatened me with the following: “to pou la guerre to pou la guerre! Vini vinn taper.” She was so close to me and was about to hit me and meanwhile when the teacher shouted at student Isadora Charles and others to go back to their classes, student Isadora Charles told all her mates: “Nou aler nou aler” and it was on that particular moment that the student (F3 PVE) who was going to hit me with the dustpan and broom, dropped them down and went away with the others.

If Mrs Aruna Rughoobar (Educator) had not intervened on that very moment, I would not be in state of writing this letter, they would have surely taken out my clothes and would have killed me. And I am sure, while the student (F3 PVE) would hit me with those cleaning tools, I would have fallen down and all of these girls would have beaten me till the end without pity since they were belligerent.

I would like to draw your attention that in this school, this is common that students fight with students using iron bars and students also threaten and hit teachers as well.

Lots of complaints have been made in the Bambous Police Station, which can be confirmed on their phone number 4520870.

So many complaints have been made to the rector Mr A. Rambarath, but he never took any actions.

On the incident’s day, immediately afterwards, I reported the matter to the rector, A. Rambarath and at my great surprise he replied: “Que voulez-vous que je fasse ? L’ecole va terminer dans 10 minutes.” I told him to take actions against these students. But he told me: “c’est à vous de me dire ce que je dois faire ?” He completely failed to provide me assistance and he remained seated at his desk in the rector’s office. Some seconds later before I left the office, some of my pupils of Grade 7 Orange came to report this same incident to the rector where one of them was also crying and said to the rector “Monsieur, bannla ine bat nou miss cout roche” To which the rector replied “Beh, zott mem zott fer desord et votre classe est sale et vous n’avez rien fait pour proteger votre Miss!” in a disconcerting tone upsetting my pupils for complaining further against the gang.

Without any help from the school and in a state of fear for my life, I went in the school bus in direction to Curepipe and went to Curepipe police station and took a “form 58” as I could not go to Bambous Police station since I do not want to face up these students who assaulted me again and there was no facility to go to Curepipe other that ascribed school bus.

After being examined by 2 doctors and an X-ray scan, I have been testified of being injured which are mentioned in the ‘Form 58’. Further that I made my statement at Curepipe Police Station bearing ID OB1802/2019 and which will be transferred to Bambous Police Station. On the next day, I had another visit to the hospital by a psychologist and I have been given 4 days of sick rest which I did not take since it was Easter holidays. * Copy of attendance slips attached.

Please note that there has been a previous incident with same group of students lead by student Isadora Charles which took place on 22/03/2019 during the 5th period where they banged my classroom’s door and intruded in. I reported this incident to the deputy rector Mrs Cangy, who told me to write in the log book which I did. Mrs Cangy told me that disciplinary committee will take place, but she did not talk to them and they came back on the 7th period to bang on the door even louder, intruded again and disturbed my class. I reported this matter also to which Mrs Cangy again asked me to write in the log book where at the same moment, these students followed me from my class to the administration office but still Mrs Cangy did not address the matter to them when they were next to her where she had the opportunity to do so.

Apparently she talked to one of the parents but, unfortunately no concrete action was taken as a result of such the worst of which I’m writing to you happened on the 12th April 2019.

Concerning the rector, many teachers have complained several times similar kind of incidents to him but he never took action.

I joined this school this year and as I live at Forest-Side, Curepipe, I had already made a request letter for transfer to a nearby school since this January 2019. Following this incident, I make an appeal to you to consider my transfer the soonest possible. I fear for my life and cannot work again in this school. I hope necessary measures will be taken against these students so that neither other teachers nor students have to experience these difficult moments I have endured.

Thanking you in advance for your help and cooperation.

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