Elle monte au créneau. Anne Murielle Ravina, Miss Mauritius 2017, dénonce l’absence de soutien à Urvashi Gooriah, tenante du titre de 2018, au concours de Miss World 2019, et d’autres... injustices.


Anne Murielle Ravina et Urvashi Gooriah.

Voici ce qu’Anne Murielle Ravina a déclaré sur sa page Facebook :

Hello everyone, so I wish to congratulate the new team of Miss Mauritius coach and new members.

It was obvious that this organisation needed some changes despite the greatness it has delivered throughout years... I am grateful for it no matter what!

However I wish to point out some important matters. Instead of focusing on electing another beauty queen, I humbly believe that we should try to help and save the actual one and support her for her international competition.. Victories don't come by accident but with the support of each other..

Unfortunately on my behalf I am black listed and unwanted to bring the real support needed because I speak the truth about the real truth and I am not the yes person in front of injustices..But trust me I am not here and just talking behind my social media... I decided to speak today because last year I really convinced myself that I got these kind of treatments because of my differences in terms of culture and where I come from.. But I was partly wrong cause today the silence of Urvashi reminds me of myself, she is in the same trap like I was.. Yes I am talking about the actual Miss Mauritius Urvashi Gooriah.

During my year no one was there to help me.. Those who wished to help could not do so because they were not part of the committee. I think this should change because at the end we are not representing the committee but a whole republic.

So I did my best with the help of some friends and family everyone knew about it.. Today I don't consider myself as selfish and as someone who has reached where she dreamed and now just sit here and let others drown and just shut up... Empowerment means this kind of truth speaking as well...

So what about the BWAP project of Urvashi?

Her preparations dress, project, talent.. Mentors?? Committee members?? So Where are you??

Don't you see what's going on.. Let's all make our best to make Mauritius proud again for Miss World 2019...

This girl no matter what she said, she is true to her own self and she need our full support.. She will wear Mauritius' name during this competition... I am not speaking for Urvashi only? We are not family or great best sister queen that I wish to protect but I am speaking also for all the other girls that wish to join a pageant, it's a dream for little girls but when you are in this ironically it just turn out to be a mixture of sweet dream and nightmare...

Electing a new Miss Mauritius to come here and to suffer the same kind of injustices and treatment is not acceptable... We need respect, consideration and sincerity.. The title is not a gift as they so called it...

Wake up dearest mentors, ex Miss, President, collaborators, sponsors and Mauritian citizens...

Helping others is not only being in the committee to elect the new queen... A leader should take the front line when needed, mostly when there is a serious matter.. I think the case of Urvashi is a serious one and we should take the front line for her and for the future ambassador.. Don't take the front line to make other realise that you are still here helping but it's just blessings in disguise.. Let's be real to our self.

Everyone is trying to find his or her personal interests and goals in this pageant world unfortunately for us pageant girls who see it as a great changing world... It ends up changing our life sure but for the worst.

Where did the unity of Mauritian beauty queen stand?? Do unity and support mean sharing a little post or a story of the girl during the international competition?? Preparation for an international contest is not about learning how to talk or walk... Why are we not doing what is required?

I dare speaking all these today also, not to look for your love, like and attention or personal interest cause I have nothing to gain or to lose here.. I speak to see a possible change to stop this kind of treatment of Mauritian Beauty queen.. we have enough resources to shine internationally... We do have them so Wake up..or better stop pretending that you are sleeping...

Thank You!!

If I don't speak who will??

If you want to see changes be the change and my change means stop pretending to be blind and deaf when I am not, Stop pretending that I am sleeping when I am not...

I say no to :"Sois belle et tais toi,"

"Sois toi-même et parle"!!

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