L’objet d’agacement du Premier ministre : “The Defendants published and/or caused to be published in the issue of the said magazine Weekly of the 3rd Sepetember 2020 an article written by Defendant No 3 (T. Prayag) which was entitled : How dare you, Prime Minister!” Il réclame donc Rs 100 millions à Touria Prayag, Nad Sivaramen et La Sentinelle.


Nad Sivaramen et Touria Prayag.

Dans sa plainte rédigée par l’avouée Ragavoodoo, le Premier ministre cite, entre autres, les passages suivants de l’editorial du 3 septembre 2020 :

What a clumsy and insulting way to try and wriggle your way out of this tragedy! How dare you! Have you no shame? Not one iota? First, you got into power through a ruse – a joke only you and your father found funny (…) You used all the tricks in the book to get back into power: an outrageous abuse of the MBC never seen in this country before, a filthy racist campaign pitting one community against another (…) an election marred by controversy, vote suppression and rigging allegations (…) I have lived in a dictatorship, Prime Minister. I still do as it happens.

Ces extraits, écrit Me Ragavoodoo, qui defend Pravind Jugnauth, de concert avec Me Ravind Chetty, ont porté et portent préjudice au Premier ministre. Ce dernier évalue donc les dommages à Rs 100 000 000 argent que Pravind Jugnauth, s’il obtient gain de cause, “will donate to a charitable institution”. L’affaire a été fixée au 29 octobre en Cour suprême. 

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