Hi. I want to relate my very bad experience with Emtel.

First issue is within a month from purchasing Airbox, one evening I had no internet and thus no phone connection either. My husband called them and the customer rep said that it's because we have not paid our bill and was so rude about it. My husband asked her where is the nearest shop as we stay in Moka and she said Flacq. Seriously?!!

Anyway, the next day my husband went to Ebene and they told us that our payment is through direct debit and the reason the internet was disconnected was that it was a mistake from their customer rep. First of all, my husband took time off work and second they said that it will be connected within 10 minutes but it took more than 2 hours!

Second issue: A few months later, on one particular day, I was not able to make international calls. I have to mention that I work from home and my bill for international calls average to about Rs 10 000 per month. Again, I called the hotline and the reason given was that they noticed that my bill was running high and they thought somebody else was using my line. I appreciate the concern but shouldn't the customer rep call me first to check if I am the one making the calls before disconnecting the line? Don't they see that every month I have a high bill payment.

Third issue: I've been experiencing this for some time now. Every time I make an international call, my phone will get disconnected a few times. Worst one was a call to Australia and it got disconnected at least 20 times in an hour and a half. I have emailed and every time they told me they have escalated the issue but it is still the same.

Fourth issue: I tried to make a call to India two weeks ago and was unable to do so. When I called the hotline, the customer rep told me that there was a Rs 1 000 limit on my calls. I told her this is not possible as every month I make a lot of calls. Her exact reply was if it was not mentioned here, she would not be telling me about it. This call was urgent and if I did not make this call then, I was going to lose money. She went to check with someone and asked me to go to their office to increase the limit. My husband said this is no longer possible that they will impose a limit without telling us and called the hotline again and another rep told us that the limit is actually for local calls and will escalate the issue to the tech team. Thank God for not being forced on another trip to their office!

I realized that the issue is that I cannot make calls to India and finally spoke with a supervisor who at first was too busy to pick up the phone. When my husband said he would wait, the person finally picked up. Again after a long conversation, she said she will escalate the issue. She promised that Monday morning she will have someone call me as I had a call to make and I needed to know what I should do. Finally she called me late afternoon on Monday and when I told her that nobody had called me in the morning, she said the reps had too much work. SERIOUSLY???

FIRST OF ALL EMTEL, THE FIRST RULE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TO APOLOGIZE TO THE CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY'RE HAVING SO MUCH INCONVENIENCE!!!!! At no point did any rep apologize or show some empathy, including the supervisor. There is such a "no care" attitude. Since then, still no update and issues about phone disconnecting and unable to make calls to India remain unresolved.


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