To my friend, Arvin Boolell,

Dear Arvin,

Firstly, heartiest congrats on your win in an otherwise forgettable day for the Labour Party.


Arvin Boolell

If we believe that we all get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you, my friend, are indeed a very lucky man. Destiny knocks again and what makes you even luckier than the average "joe" is that it is TWICE in 100 weeks or so.

First in Dec 2017 and now!! - Unless you believe Xmas has come early ...... but you and I have long stopped believing in Santa Claus.

Thus, the signs are here once again, the calling is there in front of you - the leadership needs to be reviewed urgently and the on-going mistake throughout much of the last 5 years analysed and acted upon. Sooner rather than later, may I suggest.

We are many who thought the MSM score could have been the Labour Party's had it been able to convince its leader they are better off without him standing and looking at Réduit instead. But it was not to be.

Hence, the people of Montagne-Blanche/GRSE have handed you and the party an unexpected present.

You have been a loyal, faithful and staunch servant of this great party with its rich history - you are personable, close to the people and have a good heart. I personally do believe you have the hallmarks of a leader should you step out of the shadows.

If the time is not now, then when?

May you, with the help of the new elected team, promising figures like Osman, Ritish, Fabrice David and a few others with good intentions within the party, know how to use that gift from the no 10 voters for the good of the party and the greater good of this nation.

May common sense prevail, egos put aside and greater interests be at the heart of future decisions that need to be taken urgently to revive this party and reclaim back its rightful place in the local landscape.

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