The National Assembly closed early last Tuesday because of some problem with rain, which makes a nice change from an old man pissing on us. Shakeel Mohamed made a funny video about it, which at the very least shows that not all our politicians walk around with a stick up their arses and that at least he has a sense of humour.


Someone has just sent me a copy of an 'article' from one of those online rags financed by the vermins in government and their little parasites and which claims, in bold headlines, that "Le Parlement coule ! Une rénovation de Rs 350 M par Dawood Rawat …" The idiots in Lepep Kouyon would immediately accept that as the truth, in the same stupid manner so many people believed everything that the government used to say about the Ponzi that never was...

But it is not the truth! Instead, it is yet another manifestation of the desire of arseholes who used to borrow the corner shop's newspapers to read as a prerequisite for later calling themselves 'journalists', to now show how spineless they are, and how their favourite position is to be on their knees in front of their political masters.

Everyone knows that Ireko, the BAI company, got the contract to renovate the OLD National Assembly. Ireko had fuck all to do with the new National Assembly which is leaking and has led, to paraphrase Shakeel Mohamed, to the CCTV cameras being covered by a big kapot!

How can these zourlanus even look at themselves in the mirror? When their children or parents ask them what exactly do they do, are they that shameless to say 'journalism'?

The noble profession of journalism is now staffed by many arseholes, so arrogant, so subservient, so lacking in basic professional ethics, so lacking in any principles, that one is tempted to say: Bring back capital punishment! But only for these cunts!

I will not copy that piece of filth here. If you are stupid and masochistic enough, feel free to visit the soiled rag known as "Inside News"...

Paul Lismore

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