We like to pride ourselves as being a proud, civilised and tolerant nation, and we adamantly refuse to scratch beneath the surface and look at the reality that we all face...


The forces of darkness are relentlessly at work and will exploit the tolerance and kindness that most Mauritians have, in order to peddle their poisonous filth... and the rats will then protest loudly, when condemned, about their 'rights' to freedom of expression, the very freedom they will extinguish should the oiks ever take power.

Today is the festival of light, one day when people can at least put aside their differences, and rejoice in the abundance of love, sweetness, and goodwill around the island. It pains me therefore to see this on Facebook just now: the racist, fanatical, neanderthal views of one idiot who probably needs help when trying to chew gum and walk at the same time. What makes it worse? 49 similar arseholes have 'like' his poisonous, insensitive, racist filth. That number has probably increased since I got that screenshot.

To all decent Mauritians, to all my Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist friends and acquaintances and to their families, may I wish you a happy Divali. And may the light of knowledge and genuine humanity to everyone continue to enlighten you.

To the fanatical arseholes, I wish them an early flight to Madagascar where creatures similar to them have unleashed the plague on that country. They will feel at home in the sewer...

Paul Lismore

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