Une lettre ouverte adressée à Sherry Singh émanant d’un employé de Mauritius Telecom circule depuis ce matin sur le net. L’auteur de la lettre s’insurge contre le fait que le CEO de MT s’abrite derrière les employés de la compagnie de télécommunications pour se protéger des accusations faites contre lui par Top TV. Lire la lettre ci-dessous.


I have read the communique of Mauritius Telecom and your own "personal" communique and I must say I am rather baffled.

Firstly, the Top FM and TOP TV investigation does not call into question the staff of Mauritius Telecom but it calls into question you personally. Therefore, I fail to see why you keep making out as if it is the staff Of Mauritius Telecom that are under question or under attack by Top FM. They are not, you are. So please stop trying to gain the sympathy of the hard working MT Staff and do not use them as a shield for your own defence.

Secondly, I note you remain silent on the person of Avinash Mattarooa and his companies and the contracts awarded to them such as for treefelling to Greenspace Ltd. Do you deny you know Mr Mattarooa and that he is a close friend of yours and an agent of the MSM? If you do deny then the photographs I'm looking at dating from pre-2014 election, post-2014 election, his wedding, MSM functions, Telecom functions, parties etc must all be fake then!

We all know of your relationship With Mr Mattarooa and the contracts awarded to him and his companies and you full well that the source of many of the information circulating are from the honest staff of MT themselves. For example the renovation contracts awarded to him, I'm looking at the documents right now. It's incredible how a truck driver has suddenly become the golden boy of Mauritius Telecom. How he obtains contracts and then sits at home and earn big sums of money. The contract amounts themselves are shocking. You know full well that several staff members have expressed concern about this Mattarooa and his attittude.

You know you will not able to hide from this so stop using us as a shield.

Thirdly, as any citizen, I also would like to know how within a space of 4 years you've come from an indebted person to someone who can construct a house worth huge sums of money. Today you own several properties as does your indebted family. Please give us the magic formula.

Lastly, apart from a few of your close "friends" at Mauritius Telecom, the majority of us Telecom workers, us who have really made this company great over the years, we also welcome a commission of enquiry on your tenure as CEO. 

We and the people deserve the truth. 

I will sign off in anonymity but rest assured I will be more than willing to give evidence before a commission of enquiry and from the documents I hold I advise you to seek the services of some very good lawyers. 

Long live Mauritius Telecom. Long live Mauritius.

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October 30, 2019

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