Faez Abdoolatiff, un enseignant des mathématiques au collège Piton State College, dans le nord du pays, est dans de sales draps. Plusieurs élèves ont déposé une plainte contre lui pour avoir utilisé un langage “abusif et raciste” à leur encontre.


Les élèves ont également envoyé une lettre au recteur du collège. Celle-ci se lit comme suit :

To the Rector of Piton State College,

Dear Sir,

We are hereby writing you this letter to complain about an educator in our institution. It is against Mr Faez Abdoolatiff (Mathematics Educator). He has been in the school for the past 3 years and we, students, have suffered a lot of racism from him. We have endured a lot from these illicit acts and now, it's enough. We want you to take actions against him so that he stops these disgraceful acts.

Yesterday, it was the Holi festival for the Hindus. Some students came to school with a “tika” of Holi on their foreheads because of the festival. For the Hindus, a “tika” is applied between the eyebrows and it is said to retain energy in the human body and control the various levels of concentration. A “tika” is highly respected by their religion. When Mr Abdulatiff saw them, he made shameful comments. I quote his words - “Ki kaka tnn met lor to front? Tonn get toi lor laglas, to kumadir n *****. Zot fete vilain. Zot nk fr vilain em zot.” It is very dishonoring from his part to make such comments on them, being a Mauritian where all religions live together in harmony and respect others.

Moreover, in the past 3 years, his students complained about his behaviours in his class. He makes religious comments in the class also. He only flatters the Muslim religion and disgraces the other religions. Hindus and Christians have made this complaint.

He also makes fun of students' skin colour, especially the blacks. He tags them as “Roche Noir”, “Coltar”, “Bal kaka noir” and there is many more. He told them to wear fluorescent clothes as if he cannot see them because they are black. He also tagged black students as “Pedestrian Crossing” because of their white uniform on their black body. These comments are scandalous. These students are mentally affected by his comments but they never stood against him.

Furthermore, he is an educator who often does not work in his class. He can spend the whole period using his mobile phone or just talking. He is a very vulgar person. Mostly every time, he will talk only about sex and make very vulgar comments: “Si to passer, mo verser ek to bour moi lor mo latab em. Mais si to fail, to verser ek mo bour toi lor mo latab”. These comments mentally affected many students but neither the students nor their parents complained about it in the past.

Some students have some handicaps in the school. He makes fun about them also. There are students who have eye handicap. They cannot look at you straight while talking to you. Mr Abdulatiff makes ignominous comments towards them. I quote his words: “Eyy get moi kan to kozer, pa get moi traver”. He makes such comments on purpose to make fun of them.

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