Suite au polémique concernant l’interview qu’a accordé Urvashi Gooriah à l'Express, la Miss Mauritius 2018 a tenu à mettre les points sur les i en affirmant qu’elle n’a jamais dit que les Mauriciens étaient trop petits pour elle.


Urvashi Gooriah

Lisez la déclaration d’Urvashi Gooriah :

Oh wow! WOW!

Finally, I grasped the reason why the Miss Mauritius Organisation ask us to counter verify for permission for media interviews.

Today was a great Sunday until I opened the most famous newspaper of this island and read my own interview.

It was a lightning bolt reading my own answers because these were manipulated as per their own context. 

At no point whatsoever, did I mention that Mauritians were too small for me. I guess, they could have made it clearer that I said I am unfortunately tall (which I am proud of) and Mauritian men are generally not very tall.

Things I did during early days: Well, I am 19. I am a normal human being. Just like you reading - I have partied, I have lied to my parents and then said sorry. I have bunked classes then apologised. I have made friends and lost them - made new friends again. I have fallen in love, had my heart broken and I have moved on. Unfortunately, sadly, the journalist found better words in saying I didn’t need him.

Arrogant? My friend, if I was arrogant I wouldn't even care about clearing out a few things - I would enjoy all the negative publicity because it would still be publicity. But writing that I said that girls in Miss Mauritius 2018 were arrogant is the newest low a journalist can get. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey during the preps. SURPRISINGLY, he didn't type parts where I actually spoke about project, things I do etc. 

One more thing, why would you even mention religion in an interview? What’s the point really? You pointed out about the events I was going to attend or attended & I mentioned that I had a kind invitation from a Telugu society. I never said I “refused” to attend the event because I was Christian.

How about you start educating yourself about the difference between ethnic/culture and religion? I could be Asian but muslim. I could be latina but Hindu. I could be Mexican but Buddhist.

Stop tagging skin colors and ethnic with religion. Does respect not form part of the basics of journalism?

What would you not do to sell your newspaper my friend? Or get a few likes and comments? I spoke to your colleagues from other media outlets and at no point was I treated this way. No wonder, your newspaper is always in trouble with the law. Facts are facts. Before typing rubbish about someone, have you ever realised what negative publicity you are giving to your own COUNTRY?! Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword. At this very moment, I am a Mauritian delegate and you did your very best belittling a Mauritian. 

Next time, ask better questions. Or shall I disclose also the fact that you had the audacity to ask me on what scale of an alcoholic I am. You clearly did not sound Mauritian on the phone. It would suprise me if you are one. We are warm hearted so we will likely welcome you, no matter how low you would get.

I have no idea what you gained by twisting everything I said to your own benefit but the next time you intend to ruin someone’s day, remember that there is a family attached to that person.

Well, I guess you have one too Mr ‘Journalist’. Or shall I say, Mr Sensationalist? 

Thank you. 

Urvashi Gooriah

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