This is the disturbing moment the 'soul' of a passenger killed in a horrific road accident purportedly rises above their dead body.


The body of the passenger lies on the ground, before her 'soul rises out of her body'.

In a chilling scene showing the aftermath of a crash between a truck and a motorbike, a grainy spectre appears to hang in the air above the corpse.

CCTV outside the Phibun Songkram Camp in Lopburi, Thailand, captured the tragic event.

A truck slammed into the bike, killing the passenger instantly. The rider was thrown off when the bike collided with a power pole.

Almost immediately after the passenger was killed the figure appeared.

The dark shape, forming a silhouette of the human below, stood unmoved as witnesses rushed over to attend to the victim.

According to local reports a girl identified as Manee died while a man called Banjongrat suffered serious injuries.

Sutannaraj Suwannatada posted the clip to YouTube on September 17, where it has gathered over 3.2 million views.

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