A married teacher leading a double life was today jailed for having “birthday sex” with a 16-year-old after bible school.
Schoolteacher Emily Lofing has been jailed for having sex with a 16-year-old pupil after bible class.

Emily Lofing, 27, was handed 90 days in prison by a Nebraska judge who described her as a “predator”.

The brunette arranged the sexual tryst with the teen on his 16th birthday.

Lofing resigned during a showdown with education bosses – hours after she was charged with debauching a minor.

The 27-year-old arranged to have sex with the young teen on his 16th birthday.

Today she was jailed for the crime and ordered to pay $1,000 fine, 240 hours of community service and put on two years probation.

Judge John Steinheider said:

You send kids to school, to day care, to Bible school … and you expect them to be treated with respect and be in safe places and you took that away from at least the victim in this instance.

The sexual encounter happened last July – just over two years after she tied the knot with her partner in June 2014.

Emily Lofing, 27, with her husband, who she married in 2014.

At the time of the alleged offences, the teacher was working at a school in Weeping Water, Nebraska, USA, where the teen was a student.

But because the young man was 16 and could legally consent to sex, the prosecutor said debauching a minor was the toughest charge he could file.

She moved to teach English at Nebraska City Middle School before being reported to police.

Her attorney Desirae Solomon attempted to argue against probation, adding that Lofing’s family had a history of depression and stress which was a “clue” to her uncharacteristic behaviour.

The teacher was today jailed for having sex with the teenager.

He said:

Ms. Lofing was living a double life. People who have known her for her whole entire life were shocked at this type of behaviour.

It’s believed the 27-year-old could have her time in jail almost halved with good behaviour.

Deputy Otoe County Attorney John Palmtag said:

I would urge the court in this matter to send a strong message to the defendant and send a message to the people of the state that we as a society won’t tolerate these sort of actions by our teachers in the classrooms. We won’t tolerate predatory acts among students.


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