TV viewers were horrified after a possessed doll appeared to genuinely move a rocking chair.

Debbie Merrick, 50, bought three china dolls for just £5 (Rs 220) at a second hand shop, only to find that one of the figures wreaked havoc in her family home. 

From mysterious scratches on her husband’s leg, to the fire alarm sporadically bellowing through the house, Debbie said she’s been tormented by the toy. 

While This Morning hosts Ruth Langsford, 57, and Eamonn Holmes, also 57, remained skeptical, viewers were genuinely convinced by Debbie’s tale after the doll’s chair began moving all by itself. 

“So who was making the chair rock???” tweeted one audience member, as another cried: “Did that doll rock that chair? Or did someone give it a nudge while off camera? #ThisMorning.”

A third yelped: “Did no one else see the rocking chair moving by itself with the doll in it? @thismorning @ITV #HauntedDolly #thismorning.”

“#ThisMorning is no one else concerned that rocking chair moved at least twice with no one touching it? #creepydoll,” asked anemone, which was followed by: “Whether they're lying or not no one can deny that chair rocking #HauntedDoll #ThisMorning.”

However, others sided with Eamonn and Ruth, calling the entire segment “bullshit”.

Regardless, Debbie has thankfully now sold the doll to the owner of a paranormal magazine, who bought the horror for £866 (Rs 38 000).


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